European Network of Picturebook Research 
6a International Conference
Home and Lived-In Spaces in Picturebooks 
from the 1950s to the Present
Department FISPPA - University of Padova, 

28-29-30 September 2017
Padova, Sala delle Edicole, Piazza Capitaniato 3

At an early age, home and lived-in spaces 
are much more than a simple 
body-space correspondence. 
Lived-in spaces are constructed of 
sensory recalls, which, day after day, 
shape our idea of “home”, 
the espace vécu par excellence. 
Our sense of identity and 
belonging is influenced by various factors: 
personal experiences and relationships, 
the impact of the environment and sensory perceptions. 
Lived-in space is a point of reference for children. 
In literature, houses, habitations, walls and objects are imbued 
with an extraordinary narrative power, which is capable of 
penetrating the unexplored privacy of the family and providing 
new insights into childhood. 
The goal of the conference is to investigate and compare 
the development of the representation of home and lived-in spaces 
in picturebooks from the 1950s to the present.


The European Network of Picturebook Research was established 
during the first picturebook conference in Barcelona in September 2007. 
Since then biannual picturebook conferences took place in different 
European countries (always in the month of September):

2007 at the University of Barcelona (Spain)
2009 at the University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)
2011 at the University of Tübingen (Germany)
2013 at the University of Stockholm (Sweden)
2015 at the University of Gdansk (Poland)

The aim of these conferences is:
a) to foster international picturebook research;
b) to promote scholars and young researchers who are focusing 
   on the investigation of picturebooks;
c) to publish selected papers presented at the conferences 
   with international publishers or in peer-reviewed journals.